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Taxpayers Association

of Vigo County

TAX MATTERS - 2010 (back to Publications - Main)

Tax Matters #10-12 December 30, 2010

Rates 2010 Pay 2011 (with Chart)

Important Upcoming Board and Member Meetings

2011 Member Dues


Tax Matters #10-11 December 2, 2010

2011 Dues Invoices

Hoosier Survey 2010

The Economic Impact of Home Building in the State of Indiana

Mike Pence on the Flat Tax

Rural Health Innovation Collborative


Tax Matters #10-10 November 3, 2010

Annual Meeting Announcement with Guest Speaker Dr. Larry DeBoer

2010 Vigo County Property Tax Report

Compare Districts and Residential Caps

Tax Caps: Where Do We Go Next?

Federal States Tax Analysis

2011 Eagle Contest


Tax Matters #10-09 September 2010

Here is Your 2010 Annual Report

Election Forums


Tax Matters #10-08 August 2010

Comparing Counties with Countywide School and Library Systems

Indiana Library Federation's Position on Public Question #1 (Caps Amendment)

Vigo County School Corporation Budget Presentation - PowerPoint, PDF


Tax Matters #10-07 July 2010

Tax Cap Study for Vigo and Surrounding Counties

A Tale of Two Townships

Non-Residential Tax Cap Comparison

Taxpayers Association New Board Members and Officers

Vigo County Reassessment Contract


Tax Matters #10-06 June 2010

Cutting Government Services

Examination of Effect of Property Tax Caps on a Variety of Property Types

Planning Ahead - A Two-Part Tax Caps Article

Diplomas 2010

The Declaration of Independence


Tax Matters #10-05 May 2010

What Do You Suggest?

2010 Annual Meeting Minutes and Board Members

2010 Legislative Digest

Neighborhood Partnership


Tax Matters #10-04 April 2010

Membership Alert on Annual Meeting


Tax Matters #10-03 March 2010

Tax Rates 2009 PAY 2010

North Vigo H.S. Wins the Eagle

Annual Meeting

Trails and Greenways Survey

SR 641 Public Hearing

Bidder Ordinance Amendments


Tax Matters #10-02 February 2010

The Caps Question

The Eagle Competition

TA Board Meetings

Township Expenditures 2009

State of the City

Total Assessed Valuation

Terre Haute Possible Annexation


Tax Matters #10-01 January 2010

New Tax Matters Format

TA Board Meetings

Taxation and Government Contest

State Revenues and Expenditures Report