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Taxpayers Association

of Vigo County

Tax Increment Finance -TIF

Taxtopics Brief Dated June 6, 2014 

We have all heard the misconceptions that TIF monies just go into developers pockets, but that is not correct. TIF monies are spent to assist a economic development area or a blight area with infrastructure improvements. Infrastructure improvements are sidewalks, street widening, sewage to name a few. Economic development means more jobs, with more jobs, people will buy or build homes, thus some of the revenue generated into TIF accounts is made up from property tax payments. It is a circle. As of Senate Bill 118, there is a time limit on the legacy TIF districts, which Terre Haute Downtown is a legacy TIF.


So, why all the fuss. The Redevelopment Commission had control of the checkbook for all the TIF?s until the Mayor went ahead and wanted these accounts to be signed over to city controller, Leslie Ellis as she will be Treasurer of the TIF accounts. The accounts were signed over on April 25, 2014 and on April 28, 2014 there were three drawls on three different accounts totaling 3.4 million dollars. It was stated that the money was pooled with other city funds for a ?better interest rate?. In the article dated May 21 and 28 reads


When asked in the meeting why the money was transferred from the Redevelopment Commission accounts, Ellis said it was to take advantage of better interest rates available in other accounts. When asked later to specify the rates involved, she said she would have to supply that information later. She also said the main reason to move the money was not to take advantage of better interest rates. The main reason was to begin moving Redevelopment Department financing to the City of Terre Haute.?Tribune Star ( May 21,2014)


?That, Bennett said, gives Ellis the authority to ?pool? Redevelopment cash with other city funds to meet expenses. As long as Redevelopment funds are properly settled at the end of the year and no charges are made against them that are not allowed, they can be managed like any other city funds, he said.? -Tribune Star (May 28, 2014)


The cash Statement of the City of Terre as of May 15, 2014 shows the General Fund at $(7,438,987.03).


These draws co-inside with city payroll and as we have been reading and I have been hearing, there is an issue with payroll. Lack of funds, computer glitches, mix-ups, banks error. 

Links to Tribune Star Articles:

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TIF Administration - Debate

Cliff Lambert, Executive Director


Vigo County Pool/Splash Park Project


          Vigo County School Corporation will be locating the new pool project in Vorhees Park. The skate park and playground area will remain.


Public Hearing Scheduled February 24,2014


         Public Hearing will be held at School Corporation Building for public to speak on renovations of Hoosier Prairie Elementary School.


2014 Collective Bargaining Agreements


         Includes Secretarial Association and Custodial and Maintenance Associations - Secretarial passed at board meeting. Custodial and Maintenance has been table until next Board Meeting.

School Corporation

Hoosier Prairie

Hoosier Priarie is the last of the open concept schools that will be remodeled. Approval was granted on March 24, 2014 for Energy System Group for $4,078,844. It is estimated the years of saving to match cost is greater then 15yrs.

Aquatics Center

With the deterioration of the high school pools, an area aquatics center was proposed. There had been some discussion about a joint effort between School Corp and the county for an Aquatics Center that would have maintained a public areas for water fun similar to the one in Plainfield. An agreement between the two bodies did not develop.


Public Hearings on the pool project consisted of groups of swimmers from the high schools, and the swim club here in Vigo County all in favor. Objections or concerns about the facility where drowned out by the overwhelming amount of swimmers speaking for the project and time.


The project was set at 9.5 million. If the pool project was to exceed 10 million it would have to go to referendum vote. At this present time cost is at 9.8 million. The building is to be constructed in Vorhees Park and Priarieton Road is slated to be widen and paid by the city.


On a side note, Superintendant Tanoos, has made a comment about the possibility of a centralized football building. I will be keeping tabs on this. Is this the beginning of having one centralized high school? Our high schools are reaching the end of their life.


As of April 21, 2014 School Board Meeting update; the bonds for the pool are going out, plans being fine tuned and bid to be awarded at the June 23, 2014 School Board meeting. Construction should begin between June 24 and July 6. The expected completion date is is August 17,2015.


Meeting of School Board of Trustees: July 21, 2014 

County Council


 It is that time of year again and everyone is busy with budgets! The County Council this year schedule departments in June to present their budget to the Budget Committee in an attempt to reduce the amount of appropriations that come before the council during the year.


Remodeling of Main Branch and West Terre Haute Branch